“What difference will my 1 vote make?”

Everyone knows that India is the world’s largest democracy, but low voting turnouts have been the unfortunate crisis that we are facing since many years. Weather issues, distance from the polling booth, hate for waiting in the long queue to vote, etc are all the supplementary reasons why people do not caste their vote. But the supreme excuse of not voting is, “What difference will my 1 vote make?”

Imagine many voters together resolving not to vote just in the thought that their one single vote has no power and cannot decide the future of the country. It will be a disaster right?

Many people in India do not consider voting as a vital duty and then these are the people who turn up as the common man’s voice on news debates criticising the government! Here they fail to realise that if they had made up their mind and would have committed to vote, the face of the country would have been something else and maybe in their favour!

If you go and search on the net about the close marginal wins in our country and their consequences, you may understand the importance of your one vote.

Imagine that the two most famous candidates contesting for the elections are AB and YZ, but you do not like both of them. Here it becomes like choosing the “Lesser of the two evils” where there is no best option and you end up voting for the better out of the two.

I suggest to not do that. Instead vote for the third choice party that really has some good aims. Although it may not prevail, your vote will certainly motivate the party to do some more good and campaign even more the next time.

Raising such interrogations and developing distorted mindsets are much harder tasks than simply casting a vote. Is casting a single vote a very difficult deed?

~Aarav Upadhyay

( #WriterForChange )